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ctronic Cigarette has been developed to provide adults with their option of enjoying nicotine without inhaling the over 6,000 chemicals, 66 known carcinogens and the tar associated with the smoking of tobacco. As with any new product that threatens very large, mature markets, disinformation campaigns are waged to stop its growth. Are E-cigs safe? Are E-cigs harmful? TruthAboutEcigs.com has been  established to answer your questions. 

The Electronic Cigarette is fabulous new technology that hundreds of thousands of Americans (and millions more worldwide) have found is a logical alternative to the one product we know is a direct cause of death--the smoking of tobacco. This Truth about Ecigs website is brought  to you by the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association, the voice of the Electronic Cigarette Industry.  You have the right to make an informed decision!

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DC Appeals Court Upholds Injunction Against FDA: Agency Cannot Regulate Electronic Cigarettes as Drugs/Devices Under Food, Drug, & Cosmetic Act

DC Court states: Regarding harm to third parties and to the public interest, the district court observed that the FDA had cited no evidence to show that electronic cigarettes harmed anyone.

0ur Goal is to provide unbiased information so that you may make an informed decision regarding your choice to use electronic cigarette technology. Do not let disinformation cloud your freedom to utilize the first product smokers actually use as a logical alternative to the smoking of tobacco-the one product we know kills millions annually.

TruthAboutECigs.com has been established to provide you with the most recent scientific studies, lab reports and professional/institutional writings on the product, as well as the opinions of actual tobacco harm reduction researchers who have spent decades studying methods of reducing the nationís dependence on tobacco. What is an electronic cigarette? Is an electronic cigarette safe? Truth About E-Cigs has been established to answer all your questions. 

There are now many governmental and business entities aligning themselves to cloud the truth behind the electronic cigarette. These groups desire to limit your access to this data and deny you the freedom, as an informed consumer, to make the choice of using this truly fabulous new technology that is changing lives daily. If you have any questions about the electronic cigarette, please feel free to call us at 949-250-9600 or simply fill out the Contact Us form on the lower left to have a consultant contact you.

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Over 800,000 Americans are now enjoying the electronic cigarette daily. We have in place local E-Cig Consultants who are trained to assist you in answering the questions you may have regarding how the electronic cigarette works and present you with just the facts and truths about how this technology may work best for you. If you are just learning about the e-cig or have tried other companies products and were unhappy, please contact us and remember: